After hearing many Advance/RR/Tokyo Dawn Records/Ultrabeat tracks we have decided to found a hungarian music group. So Archon and Towerx founded Psyonic Labs in august 1998. We would like to make as much trance/dnb music as possible and reach the level of other famous music crews. We planned to release our first musicdisk "Science" on Jumper'98 but we weren`t able to finish it in time. Watch out for it! It`s coming very soon! After Jumper we were very disappointed. Archon placed only 14th and Towerx 8th in extreme music competition (in 2channel competition Archon placed 4th and in mch compo Towerx became third! - but that was an Astral production...) We expected much more from our first tracks. But who knows? Listen to them and write your opinion to us. After Contest'99 we have finally finished our musicdisc - Science.
Check out those superb tracks!